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Networking System

Find good deals for Shaw business Plan that Internet, Telephone IP Phone, TV Subscription Information

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Installing Wireless Internet for Hotels, Motels and Guests by Shaw Go WiFi 

Installations and Configuration on site

Wired and wireless network design and network construction for new offices, dentists, opticians, hotels, etc.



Installing a security system is an effective measure to increase the security of a business site and also to improve the efficiency and performance of a business’s operations.  

Over 400 Amazing Blocks

* By using a camera with the widest angle of view (2.8mm), you can take pictures with a wide field of view even in a narrow space.
* Preventing cheating by guests or employees in advance to reduce loss of property.
* 3-year hardware (camera, NVR) product warranty, 1-year product warranty for hard disk 

Monitoring anywhere

* You can play remotely anytime, anywhere with your mobile phone.
* When operating multiple branches, multiple branches can be monitored simultaneously from the HQ office.


Audio System

Audio System in the store is a very important factor in increasing sales and is a marketing tool. 

Commercial Audio

The sound equipment in the store should be set up thinking about the size and space of the store and the sound quality, not just the music sound loud. From engaging customers with soothing background music throughout to providing an easy way to utilize intercom messaging, a sound system has many helpful uses

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